Our Off Grid Septic System

Living off grid often means living in rural areas with little or no utilities available, we are left to fend for ourselves, which is typically the goal anyhow and not a problem for us. We have chosen to live off grid and as eco friendly as we can. One of the biggest things the rural … Continue reading Our Off Grid Septic System


Tiny house conversion for travel trailer

I am so excited because today I am able to share the concept drawing that I created with an app of the conversion for our travel trailer. The goal and idea is to have the travel trailer as the base of our house enclose the trailer keep off grid and expand our living square footage. … Continue reading Tiny house conversion for travel trailer

First Summer Off-Grid 🌵

As the days get longer and the heat rises we realize how lucky we are to live off-grid. Our friends who live in town are seeing their power bill and water bill increase and Skyrocket due to the 106 degree weather. How can I be so positive? Because we keep our home comfortable. Also the … Continue reading First Summer Off-Grid 🌵