DIY Pergola for $200

To fell like we were planting roots and have a place to enjoy our fire pit we decided to build a pergola. I did so much research online looking at plans and everything seemed so expensive. Why does it have to be so complicated and expensive? I asked my husband James 🙈 So off to … Continue reading DIY Pergola for $200


Tiny house conversion for travel trailer

I am so excited because today I am able to share the concept drawing that I created with an app of the conversion for our travel trailer. The goal and idea is to have the travel trailer as the base of our house enclose the trailer keep off grid and expand our living square footage. … Continue reading Tiny house conversion for travel trailer

Dusty Paws Ranch

Why we named our land Dusty Paws Ranch This is our story of how we came to the name of our land.... After living in the city my husband and I decided the best place to raise our son safely and more conscious of the environment around him was to live off-grid. We have found … Continue reading Dusty Paws Ranch