DIY Pergola for $200

To fell like we were planting roots and have a place to enjoy our fire pit we decided to build a pergola. I did so much research online looking at plans and everything seemed so expensive. Why does it have to be so complicated and expensive? I asked my husband James πŸ™ˆ

So off to our local Yucca Valley Home Depot to see what the cost would be if we just built something the way we wanted and made our own design. πŸ› 

We walked around looking at all kinds of things..including their kit. But as we walked around we figured lets wing it. πŸ‘

So we looked again at the wood and we went over to the deck/porch area. We began to sort through the hard ware. TA-DA!!! WE FOUND IT. Now we just needed to design it standing there on the isle. 

Once we got all the screws, nails, wood, hardware and stain… we were off to Dusty Paws Ranch to build. Below you will see our shipping list!

The cool part about the pergola is that we are placing a firepit in the center of it. We had all the supplies needed for that. SCOREπŸ’ͺ Our goal out here is to recycle as much as we can, gather materials from the land we are on and spend as little out of pocket as we can. 

The firepit was a metal firepit that we found, the top of it is made of valcanic rocks we have found here on the land and morter that was close in color to the rock. 

So on to the BUILD… We live in the marngo basin of the Mohave Desert and the winds can get kickin. So we had to get it up in one day. 

My husband did most of the work. I am so thankful James is a brilliant handyman. 

  1. We marked out the space with rope 
  2. We then put concrete footers as our supports. (You can put yours in the ground and concrete it in, but we had the footers.)
  3. 4 main beems up
  4. 4 outter upper support beems up
  5. 4 Cross beems up 
  6. Support / stableizers in each corner
  7. Then stain




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