First Summer Off-Grid 🌵

As the days get longer and the heat rises we realize how lucky we are to live off-grid. Our friends who live in town are seeing their power bill and water bill increase and Skyrocket due to the 106 degree weather.
How can I be so positive? Because we keep our home comfortable. Also the end of the day is absolutely glorious and who doesn’t like stargazing on a warm summer night.

How do we keep our home so comfortable? First we have a generator running our swamp cooler. Second we have wonderful neighbors who allow us to get water from their well, so that we have an endless supply of water until we get our well up and running. Lastly we have our solar panels up and running that allow us to have enough power to run the power inverter for everything else.

When you take time to enjoy the world around you and enjoy what Mother Nature offers the Heat is not so undesirable. Don’t get me wrong I unlike my husband stay indoors during the day. But he who grew up here in the desert doesn’t mind the Heat and continues to put long days in outside working around our land and with others.

We have been able to find wonderful crystals and minerals not only on our land but in our explorations of the lands near us. As a natural therapist I am overjoyed to have found obsidian, Jasper, many different quartz, tourmaline, and so much more.

Take time to not think about how hot it is but how blessed we are to be alive and enjoying this summer.


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