Dusty Paws Ranch

Why we named our land Dusty Paws Ranch
This is our story of how we came to the name of our land….

After living in the city my husband and I decided the best place to raise our son safely and more conscious of the environment around him was to live off-grid. We have found such joy out here in the desert and because we adopted two wonderful dogs we decided to name the land Dusty Paws.

Eventually the goal is to create the safe place for animals and people to come rejuvenate and learn how to be relaxed and Carefree. I do Natural Therapy and my husband maintains the ranch and all things off grid. The Natural Therapy that is offered out here is beneficial to not only people but animals. We love the desert and our land offers us such a wonderful place to enjoy time with the Earth to connect and find balance. We have created a Zen Walk around our 5 acre property and when done barefoot it brings the name Dusty Paws Ranch alive for not only the dogs but us as well.

We are so blessed to have adopted a white boxer who was labeled disobedient and hard-headed. Once he got home with us we realized he is not disobedient or hard-headed he actually is Def. Once we learned to communicate with him through sign language, he became the most loving dog in the world. After we had him for a while we got him a companion and she is able to hear the world around us. Together they keep Dusty Paws Ranch safe and enjoyable.

We are happy to host people here at Dusty Paws Ranch so that they too can learn how to live off-grid and learn Natural Therapy to be able to relax and heal no matter where they are.



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