Why did we go off grid?

A few years ago I was in a relationship that was almost the death of me. Surviving domestic violence does not end at the physical violence. I am in costant fear that “he” will find us to finish the job he attempted to do. After being shot in the chest with a 22 hunting rifel by my at the time husband and surviving I realized that my child and I need a safe haven. The recovery of the injuries to my heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and intestines was a battle, but not as much of a battle as staying hidden and safe.

Being found is the worst feeling I have had. So….We bought land, we setup a 5 arce safe place and went offf grid.

How off grid did we go?

Well here is what we do this far:

🌵Water is brought in using 5 gal water jugs to a tower that we fill and then have a hose to our trailer.

🌵For power we use Renogy Solar pannels and our Champion generator.

🌵Heating, cooking and fridge run off propane.

🌵No TV, No outside utilities period.

Now we do have our cell phones, tablets and laptop….but we keep a low profile. We also have started our garden but are learning that it feeds the iguanas….🐊

The things we are builing and have built so far are primarily out of recycled items. There is nothing like building a place you can find peace, sanity and feel safe.

Keep your eyes open for blogs on tips and tricks we have learned as well as how to postings.




2 thoughts on “Why did we go off grid?

  1. Your ‘how off grid did we go’ is a mirror image of my 14 years living in the wilderness of northern Alaska. You will find over time many more little ways to make life ‘in the middle of nowhere’ more comfortable, just hang in there. Right now you can indeed revel in the freedom and beauty of a the land around you.


    1. Thank you for reading our blog. Off Grid is a blessing. We absolutely love the peace that is found in “no where” land. We are both so happy that you have also found the freedom. We will keep the Faith alive out here. We just need to figure out how to dig a water well with out paying the town $15,000 to do it. Small things like water people just dont realize how precious it is…we are learning to appreciate all things.
      Be well.


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